the ART of ME

ok, I’m obviously awake and still doing my plate.


I’ll gladly be back to my old routine. :)
I’ve missed that.

It’s always good to be back. :D

we don’t need a perfect body to be beautiful.
any shape is BEAUTIFUL.
because God blessed us in many different ways.


Common Korean drama phrases


Common Korean drama phrases



My FOURTH giveaway is finally here!! The prize will be a handmade glow-in-the-dark nebula necklace courtesy of glowwormshop!! [This is a handmade glow-in-the-dark necklace featuring a silver-plated tray that contains an image of the Fox Fur Nebula behind a clear 25mm (1 inch) glass dome. The nebula image is printed on high-quality photo paper.] It’s absolutely stunning in person!

Rules & Regulations:

On July 29th, 2013  a winner will be randomly chosen using RANDOM.ORG. The winner will be notified via Tumblr. If I receive no reply within 48 hours a different winner will be chosen. Once a winner has been chosen that person will need to send me their name, address, and e-mail. Good luck!


Hangul by DandeLinoiD on Flickr.

Even if life is getting you to troubled waters, you will always find your way out.
Trust God. Pray. Be You. Be thankful that in this world, you may not know it, but someone out there is actually wanting to help you out and won’t ever let go.



Don’t cry now. People just don’t understand how you care. Those were just tweets. some people are just real idiots that all they think of is how to hurt other people that they don’t care about. Please be all well. :)
and wear that lovely smile you’d always wear :D